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And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Spirit came on them…. Acts 19:6

This is a sacrament of initiation.
It celebrates a young persons moving from childhood to a more mature self awareness of faith in the eyes of the church.

The Confirmation ceremony is in four parts:
1. Presentation of the Candidates
2. Renewal of Baptismal Promises
3. Laying on of Hands
4. Anointing with Chrism.

The bishop is usually the minister of Confirmation, but in certain circumstances, he may delegate to the parish, or other priest, as an extraordinary minister of the sacrament. After the Gospel is read, the parish priest would present the candidates for Confirmation. Depending on numbers, names of the candidates are read out. Approximately twelve years earlier the child was presented for baptism by being carried by their parents into the church. The candidates are now asked to present themselves to the Christian community. After a homily by the bishop, the participants are asked to stand to renew the promises made for them at Baptism by their parents and godparents. This becomes for them their first, self aware, commitment anew to following Jesus. They make their own declaration of faith in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Church.

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