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Twenty Ninth Sunday in in Ordinary Time 22nd October 2023

Mass times for St. Patrick’s and St. Mary’s churches from January 2024

Thanks to the many parishioners who emailed in suggestions or phoned in relation to the number of masses and their times in our parish.


At the moment, we have four masses each weekend. But realistically, since society reopened after the Covid lock downs, we only have need for three.  From the new year we propose to have three masses each weekend in our parish.  One vigil and two of a Sunday.  This new timetable will be reviewed after a three-month trial period.


So, from the 6th January 2024, we will have a 7pm vigil in St. Mary’s and a 10am in St. Patrick’s and 11.30am in St. Mary’s.  The Christmas and Easter Mass timetable will remain as in other years.


Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions.


This November we propose to put a second Mass on each first Friday. Iin addition to 10am in St. Mary’s church we will have a 7.30 pm Masss in St. Patrick’s Church.  We will trial this for three months to see how it goes. This mass will be offered. like the 10am. for all our loved ones whose names we have placed on our parish list of the dead.



Sacramental Preparation in our Parish


First Communion and Confirmation

We were delighted to see Confirmation candidates and their families at our Vigil masses this weekend where families were blessed as they begin preparations for our Confirmation ceremonies in March.


We encourage parents/guardians, who would like to be part of the Committee to help with future preparation Ceremonies, to contact the Parish Office at secretary@sjparish.ie to give their contact details.

We will have our first meeting on Tuesday, 24th at 7:30 pm in the Parish Office, Preston Hill.


If you haven’t received an Enrolment Form, please call to the Parish Office or chat to Fr. Brendan after any Mass.

Enrolment Forms will be collected at our Enrolment Ceremonies.  (Date to be advised).  This will be decided by our new Sacramental Preparation Parental Committee.


For Confirmation, each child will be given tickets for allocation of seats.  This will be decided after the Enrolments when we have our final numbers.


We will advise dates for Enrolment Ceremonies in future newsletters.



Ceremonies in our Parish



Bishop Tom has advised Friday, 22nd March 2024 for our Parish Confirmation Ceremony.  More information in future Newsletters.  Time(s) to be confirmed later.



First Communion

First Communion Ceremonies in our Parish will take place on Saturday, 20th April for children from Whitecross NS and Saturday, 27th April for children from St. Patrick’s NS both ceremonies will take place at 10 am in St. Mary’s Church, Julianstown.


Supporting our Parish

Total Offertory:                                     €   890.00

Envelopes:                   Stamullen        €   410.00

Julianstown      €   270.00

We are sincerely grateful for your continued support.



If you wish to contribute to our Parish, please use the following Account details: BIC:  BOFIIE2D


Please state your name in the reference.

Thank you for our consideration.


CHY3 & 4 – Charity Tax Relief


Thanks to all who have already returned their signed CHY forms.  We are very grateful for your support.

When you receive your Certificates, we would be very grateful if you could complete and sign your chosen Certificate and return it to the Parish Office.  Boxes will also be provided in both Churches for return of CHY forms.  Thank you in advance.


List of the Dead

List of the Dead envelopes are available beside the newsletters. They are also available in your yearly box of envelopes.

All who are named on the Parish List of the Dead will be remembered at all Masses in November and every First Friday.

Please be sure to submit your list before the end of November. You can leave envelopes in the box provided in both churches during Mass times only please, or drop into the Parish Office



Diocesan News


World Mission Sunday collections take place in every single parish where the Church is present. This includes not only Ireland and Europe, but also in poorer parishes in developing countries. It is a moment of universal solidarity when each member of the Church family, regardless of location or background, play their part in supporting each other. This is what makes it such a special celebration.


All offerings and donations made for World Mission Sunday become part of the Holy Father’s Universal Solidarity Fund. This fund is a lifeline for struggling missionaries and the communities they serve across Africa, Asia and Latin America, where over 1,100 mission dioceses are found. As these dioceses form and grow, so do their needs. On top of this, mission dioceses are often in remote areas devastated by war and natural disasters, or where suppressed communities are just opening up to the life-saving message of Jesus Christ.

This is why World Mission Sunday is so important. It offers young dioceses the financial and spiritual assistance they need to help their men, women, and children to survive and thrive.



St. Patrick’s GFHC Lotto

Jackpot € 5,100 drawn on 17th October.  Numbers drawn: 5, 7, 16, 23. No Winner.  One Match Three Winner:  Michael McQuillan.  Next week’s


Mass Schedules 


Saturday, 21st          St. Patrick’s             5:45 pm

AV.     Bernadette Jackson

AV.      Patsy Geraghty

AV.       Robert White

St. Mary’s                  7:00 pm

AV.     John, Alice, Kay & Sean McCann and Annette Curtis


Sunday, 22nd         St. Patrick’s              10:00 am                   

People of the Parish

                               St. Mary’s                 11:30 am

MM.    Audrey Gilshenan

AV.        Terry Rice  and DFM Rice and Reilly families


Tuesday           St. Patrick’s           10:00 am         AV.     Pat & Catherine Purfield and DFM Purfield Family

Wednesday     St. Mary’s                10:00 am                     Mass for Whitecross School new year, remembering Catriona Kenneally and deceased members of Staff

Thursday         St. Patrick’s           10:00 am         RD.     Sally Price

Friday              St. Mary’s                10:00 am                     All who are sick in our parish




Saturday, 28th      St. Patrick’s                 5:45 pm          

AV.     Irene Byrne (1st Ann)

AV.       Paddy, Maureen & Joe Collier

AV.       Jean & Jim Geoghegan

                                   St. Mary’s                 7:00 pm


Sunday, 29th          St. Patrick’s             10:00 am        

                                     St. Mary’s                11:30 am

Upcoming events


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