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30th January 2022

St. Marys Church Julianstown

Work has already begun and will be concluded in the coming week, painting the three doors in the church, front, back and emergency exit.


The Sacristy is also being painted.  The two doors on the school gable end side, are beyond repair and new ones are being made.  This work is possible due to your support and we thank you and ask you to continue with your generosity.


Supporting the Parish

Total Offertory:                           €   796.00

Envelopes:      Stamullen               €   490.00

Julianstown            €  440.00


Thank you for your continued support which is very much appreciated.


Parish Sacramental Preparations


Our Confirmation Ceremonies will take place in St. Mary’s Church on Wednesday, 9th February 2022.


Candidates from St. Patrick’s School are invited to attend at 10 am and Candidates from Whitecross School are invited to attend at 12pm.


Candidates from 2021 who have not received the Sacrament are invited to attend the Ceremony at 12 pm.  Please contact the parish office to ensure you are Registered.


First Holy Communion:

First Communion Ceremonies will take place at 11 am in St. Mary’s Church, Julianstown:

  • On Saturday, 30th April Children from Whitecross School will be invited to attend and on Saturday, 7th May children from St. Patrick’s School will be invited to attend.


  • First Communion Registration Forms have been handed out this week. (Please return these forms by 4th February).


We would like to remind you that all Ceremonies will be subject to Government guidelines and are subject to change.


We would ask you to keep an eye on the parish bulletin.


First Friday Calls

First Friday calls will take place next Friday, 4th February.

If you know anyone who is housebound and would appreciate receiving the sacraments, please contact the parish office or Fr. Brendan.



Directives from the Diocese of Meath

for Celebration of Funeral & Wedding Masses

In our Parish according to Diocesan guidelines, Eulogies are not part of the Funeral Mass;  an option for a eulogy to take place is in the Funeral Home or in the Cemetery, after the burial.

In celebrations of the Eucharist, Readings at the Mass must be taken from the Bible (Lectionary).  Our church is a Sacred space with the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and in the building sacred Music or Hymns are only permitted during the celebration of the Eucharist, be it at a funeral or wedding Mass.


Pre-signed Mass cards

The government brought in rules (Charities Act 2009) to stop the selling of pre-signed  Mass cards in  shops.  Sadly these laws are being ignored by some.


In our Parish when a mass card is signed, be it a mass for the deceased, get well mass, or a special intention, the date in which the mass is to be offered is written on the card and is also published in our bulletin.  This assures the person getting the mass, and the family or person receiving it, if so desired, can attend, or at least they know when it being offered and where.


Mass & Bouquet Cards are available for signing if you wish to get a mass in the parish and are available in each of our Churches and the Parochial House.


Message from Bishop’s Office

Irish Bishops have announced a synodal pathway for the Catholic Church in Ireland leading to the holding of a National Synodal Assembly within the next five years. To learn more about synodality:

see or at Diocese of Meath

More information in future Newsletters.


St. Patricks GFHC Lotto

Jackpot: €1,300. Drawn on 25th January. Numbers Drawn: 8,13,16,24. No Jackpot Winner. Match 3 winners:  Carol McGinty, Paula Bonner, Sean Farrell, Next Week’s Jackpot: €1,400.


Operation Transformation @ St. Pat’s

Ireland Lights Up at St Patrick’s Stamullen continues every Monday from 6:30 – 7:30 pm.

Come along and join Emma, Lisa & Linda as we walk, talk and laugh our way towards a healthier us. Meet at the walking track and check in with one of our Walk Leaders.  Everyone welcome.  (No dogs allowed on the campus).  Looking forward to seeing you.


Mass Schedules



Saturday, 29th   

St. Patrick’s  6:00 pm         AV. Phyllis Kiely

  1. John Curtis
  2. Michelle McKiernan


 St. Mary’s       7:00 pm          AV. Annie Benton & DFM Benton Family

  1. Tosh & Dinah Collier, Thomas & Jane Collier and Paul Rooney

Sunday, 30th  

St. Patrick’s     10:00 am       AV.  Lil Murphy

  1. Patrick (Paddy) Caffrey


St. Mary’s        11:30 am       AV.  Mary Gonzie Marry (1st)

  1. James McHugh
  2. Maura Tiernan, her husband Freddie Tiernan

and her aunt Josephine Brannigan

  1. Mairín & Rita Reynolds


Tuesday                  St. Patrick’s:    10:00 am        For the hungry and poor

Wednesday              St. Mary’s:       10:00 am        RD.  Leslie Eakin

                                                                                  Special Intention

Thursday                 St. Patrick’s:    10:00 am        Feast of St. Blaise

  1. Gloria McBride
  2. Gaybo Howard and Pat & Annie Howard

Friday                      St. Mary’s        10:00 am        List of the dead



Saturday, 5th Feb   St. Patrick’s     6:00 pm         AV.  Peter & Annie White and DFM White family

  1. Eileen Daly

St. Mary’s         7:00 pm

Sunday, 6th             St. Patrick’s     10:00 am       AV. Patrick Joseph O’Neill

  1. Eddie O’Kelly

St. Mary’s        11:30 am       AV.  Jim Lenehan       AV. Patrick Matthews

  1. Patrick & Philomena Duffy and DFM Duffy Family
  2. George Fox


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