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Easter 2020


This is an Easter like no other Easter.  In a time when Christians usually come together to celebrate the Resurrection this year we are asked to stay at home and stay apart for the good of humanity.

Easter is a time to celebrate our independence as a nation and yet we have lost it as a result of the Corona Virus.  Nevertheless, our spirit and our faith should remain strong. The proper thing to do this Easter is to respect the Government guidelines and stay at home wherever possible. This is the best way to exercise our Christianity for the health and well-being of others.

And while this Easter we cannot meet physically, as a community we support each other spiritually through our prayers.

Mass at Easter will be offered for your intentions and a hope that life can return to normal as soon as possible.  I know of some who have been bereaved by this pandemic and we remember them, and all those who are suffering, and of course our faithful departed.

We thank all who are working on the frontline, from those working in hospitals, to our Gardai, and all those who are delivering and maintaining essential services.

The celebration of the Resurrection is a celebration of victory over death and we pray and hope that we may return soon to a full expression of our faith when we can meet again as Christian communities.


I wish you all a happy and a safe Easter

Fr Declan

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