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Fifth Sunday of Easter 28th April 2024

Mass Schedules 

Saturday, 27th     St.  Mary’s          7 pm

AV.    Gerry & Bridie Draper

Sunday, 28th          St.  Patrick’s     10 am

AV.    Alfie Cooney

AV.   John & Seamus Carey


                                 St.  Mary’s          11:30 am

AV.   Nick & Margaret Hughes, William & Kathleen Brangan and Patrick & Josephine Hughes

Tuesday              St. Patrick’s       10 am

RD.     Annette Leonard

AV.       Mary Meade

AV.       Catherine Hughes

AV.       John O’Hagan             


Wednesday         St. Mary’s          10 am                  RD.     Bridie Campbell


Thursday            St. Patrick’s      10 am                  RD.     Philomena Carey

Special Intention


Friday                  St. Mary’s          10 am                              All on our Parish List of the Dead

Anthony Reilly

St. Patrick’s      7 pm                                All on our Parish List of the Dead


Saturday, 4th        St.  Mary’s          7 pm              AV.     John Mooney & DFM Mooney Family


Sunday, 5th             St. Patrick’s      10 am           AV.     George & Della Crawley

                                   St. Mary’s             11:30 am

MM.   Paddy Byrne

AV.     John Mooney & DFM

AV.          Thomas, Eileen & Aidan Boylan and  John & Eileen Stallard

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2 Responses to this post

  1. Can you advise when the blessing of graves will be held 2024
    Thank yo

    Pauline O'Donnell
    1. Hello Pauline
      Mass and Blessing of Graves in Moorechurch Cemetery will take place on Sunday 7th July at 11:30 am.
      Please keep an eye on Parish Weekly Newsletter which is available on the Website for other dates or any changes.
      Kind regards


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