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Fourth Sunday of Lent

Towards the Universal Synod 2023

The Diocese of Meath continues its synodal pathway this week.  All members of the Christian community are invited to take part in this synodal process which will take place at various locations around the Diocese on the Tuesdays of Lent.

The final meeting for people from the parishes in our area will take place in Mornington Church at 8pm on Tuesday 29th March:  All involved in schools (pupils/students, teachers and school staff, members of parents’ association, members of BOMs, etc.)

See the Synod page on for an explainer video about this process.  See for more resources.  Please return your completed questionnaire before Easter:by hand and or post to the Parish Office; by post to: Diocesan Offices, Dublin Road, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath (please mark envelope “Synod Questionnaire”) by email to  The questionnaire can also be downloaded from the Synod page on


Ukraine Collection: The following is a transcript of a Letter from Bishop Iosaif of Lasi

Dear Bishop Tom,

It has been a few weeks since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine turned into a real war and it seems that will not be over. We are all deeply saddened and worried by this crisis and human failure, which is so close to our country, but also by the other conflicts or wars around the world, which have been going on for years or decades. All this situation gives us the impression that human society is plagued by a widespread cancer triggered by the forces of evil.

How good it is when brothers in God love each other and live in love and peace in the world, are the words of a song from our culture. We all want to live in the love and peace for which Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross and left us as an inheritance.

I strongly believe that this living heritage has given birth to the beautiful connection we have between the dioceses of Meath and Iasi. A connection that concretizes in our present the sacred words of Jesus from the Last Supper: Do this in memory of me, words that make the sacrifice of Christ from the Eucharistic Sacrifice be transformed into a concrete and mutual sacrifice to sustain us one another as true brethren of Christ.

I would like to thank you for the noble gesture of charity and generosity that you have made in the name of faith, that of supporting the Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war, but also all those who are in the front line to embrace the refugees with their human, spiritual and material support.

The financial support you sent us has been redirected to our diocesan association Caritas, which is present day and night on the border with Ukraine, and to all our parishes, which are close to the border with Ukraine and which offer unconditional support to all refugees.

Together with all my collaborators, I want to assure you of our appreciation and our fraternal prayer, and I invoke God’s blessing and mercy on all the people of Ireland, but especially on the diocese which you pastorate and serve with such devotion.


In Christ, Iosaif Paulet


A Prayer for Ukraine

Prayer for Ukraine Cards are available beside Newsletters in both churches.  Please take a card and say this prayer each day for the People of Ukraine.

Sincere thanks to Diarmuid Everard and his team in Printcom, Coolock for sponsoring the printing of these prayer cards.


First Holy Communion Preparations

First Confessions will take place at 7pm on Tuesday, 29th March and Wednesday, 30th March in St.Mary’s Church, Julianstown.

Please contact the Parish office if you are unable to attend.

Please remember these children and their families in your prayers.


Supporting the Parish

Total Offertory:                            €   660.00

Envelopes:      Stamullen               €   390.00

Julianstown            €   240.00


Thank you for your continued support which is very much appreciated.



Baptismal Preparation Team

We hope to set up a Baptismal Preparation team soon.

If this is something you would be interested in, please talk to Fr. Brendan after Mass, or contact the Parish office.


St. Patricks GFHC Lotto

Jackpot: €2,100. Drawn: 22nd March.  Numbers Drawn: 11,12,25,30. No Jackpot Winner. Three Match 3 winners. Eaodaoin Finnegan, Ger Morgan & Emer McEvoy.  Next Week’s Jackpot: €2,200


Mass Schedules



Saturday, 26th

St. Patrick’s  6:00 pm         AV.     Dinah, Tom & Bridget McCausland


St. Mary’s        7:00 pm          AV.     Ben McKenna

  1. Clare McEnaney

Sunday, 27th      

St. Patrick’s  10:00 am                   People of the Parish

St. Mary’s      11:30 am       AV.     Gerry Brodigan

  1. Noel Darker, Tom Hayes (RD) and his son Mark Hayes



Tuesday                  St. Patrick’s:    10:00 am                   Children preparing

for First Confession and their parents

Wednesday              St. Mary’s:       10:00 am                    Barney McAdams

                                                                                              Special Intention

Thursday                 St. Patrick’s    10:00 am                    Celebrants Intention

Friday                      St. Mary’s        10:00 am                    List of the Dead

                                  St. Patrick’s      7:00 pm                     List of the Dead



Saturday, 2nd April            

St. Patrick’s     6:00 pm         AV.     William, Annie, Joseph & Esther Meighan


St. Mary’s         7:00 pm         AV.     Loretto Scanlon

  1. Joey & Ena Matthews, their son Joe Matthews and Cis Reilly



Sunday, 3rd April               

St. Patrick’s     10:00 am


St. Mary’s        11:30 am                   AV.                 Gerry White (1st)

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