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The Holy Family of Jesus Mary and Joseph Sunday 31st January 2024


Saturday, 30th ST. PATRICK’S 5:45 pm
AV. Patrick, Margaret, Ellen & Charlie Clarkin
AV. Seamus Mooney and DFM Mooney family

ST. MARY’S 7:00 pm
AV. Eileen & Nicky Domigan

Sunday, 31st ST. PATRICK’S 10:00 am
AV. Margaret McGeever
AV. Patsy & Margaret Clarkin

ST. MARY’S 11:30 am
AV. Teresa & Edward Calvey and DFM of Brett and Calvey Families
AV. Patrick Wade

Tuesday ST. PATRICK’S 10:00 am
Wednesday ST. MARY’S 10:00 am AV. Margaret Darby
Thursday ST. PATRICK’S 10:00 am
Friday ST. MARY’S 10:00 am List of the Dead
ST. PATRICK’S 7:30 pm List of the Dead

Saturday, 6th ST. MARY’S 7:00 pm
AV. Vincent and Oliver Branigan

Sunday, 7th ST. PATRICK’S 10:00 am
ST. MARY’S 11:30 am
AV. Kevin & Joan Sheridan, May Morgan and DFM Brangan Family

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