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Third Sunday in Ordinary Time 24th January 2021

Due to Covid restrictions we will continue to upload Mass from the Parish on the YouTube channel at 10 am on Sunday.

Parishioners can go to the Parish website: and scroll down to the bottom left- hand side of the screen.  Click into the YouTube channel.


This Sunday’s Mass will be offered for:


Michelle McKiernan (2nd Ann)

Lil Murphy

Valerie Dunne (9th Ann)

Pat & Mary Boshell

Phyllis Kiely

Andy McCormack and deceased members of the McCormack & Kennedy Families

Nancy & Shay Woodhead


Sunday, 31st January – Next Weekend’s Mass will be offered for:


Jim Lenihan (1st Ann)

Rose McQuillan (40th Ann)

Peter, Annie & Robert White, Sarah & Richard Thorne and deceased family members

John Curtis and Kay & Sean McCann



Thank you to all who continue to drop weekly envelopes to the church/parochial house.  Your support is very much appreciated.


If you wish to contribute to the church by bank transfer, you can e-mail your request to the parish at and we will contact you.


Parishioners can also donate through the parish website and click the Donate button.



The weekly envelope boxes have been distributed.  If you do not receive your box, or if you wish to receive a box, please contact the parish office.


Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You, Amen.







Catholic Schools Week 2021

Catholic Schools Week 2021 will be celebrated from Sunday 24th January to Sunday 31st January on the theme ‘Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith and Resilience’.

In light of the challenges and uncertainty we have collectively faced over the past year, this year we are presented with the opportunity to reflect on how our faith sustains us and how in living out our faith, we as a community, support and care for each other. Faith has always helped people in difficult times. Faith is a precious gift from God, but it can only grow if we nourish it.


Through prayer, we spend time with God, and in doing so we deepen our relationship and come to realise that God is always with us.


During this pandemic we were unable to go to God’s house but despite this we could turn to God in prayer to ask for help to deal with this crisis.  God is always listening.


Wednesday – Grandparents Day

Cherishing their contribution to the lives of their grandchildren, Pope Benedict XVI offered this prayer for grandparents:


Lord Jesus, you were born of the Virgin Mary, the daughter of Saints Joachim and Anne. Look with love on grandparents the world over. Protect them. They are a source of enrichment for families, for the Church and for all of society. Support them. As they grow older, may they continue to be for their families, strong pillars of gospel faith, guardians of noble domestic ideals, living treasuries of sound religious traditions. Make them teachers of wisdom and courage, that they may pass on to future generations the fruits of their mature human and spiritual experience. Amen.


Message from Pope Francis to President Joe Biden

The Vatican has published Pope Francis’ message to President Joe Biden extending “cordial good wishes and the assurance of my prayers that Almighty God will grant you wisdom and strength in the exercise of your high office.” “Under your leadership, may the American people continue to draw strength from the lofty political, ethical and religious values that have inspired the nation since its founding. At a time when the grave crises facing our human family call for farsighted and united responses, I pray that your decisions will be guided by a concern for building a society marked by authentic justice and freedom, together with unfailing respect for the rights and dignity of every person, especially the poor, the vulnerable and those who have no voice. ”The message concludes: “I likewise ask God, the source of all wisdom and truth, to guide your efforts to foster understanding, reconciliation and peace within the United States and among the nations of the world in order to advance the universal common good. With these sentiments, I willingly invoke upon you and your family and the beloved American people an abundance of blessings.


This weekend’s Gospe

Follow me –

We follow Jesus, like the Twelve, because we are drawn by him; drawn and attracted by the way this Man Jesus lives, speaks, suffers, dies and rises. Something in him appeals; maybe it’s the wish to heal, or his love for the poor, or his forgiveness, so total, or his desire to change the world, or because he stands for what is good: for justice, peace, equality, or just because he is a friend, and because he is the face of God, the word of God, the son of God.


Like us, in all but our sin, one of us, son of God, and son of Mary too. People left a lot to follow him, they left their dreams and their burdens, their families, and their businesses, and gave up their lives, drawn, attracted, challenged as we are now, by his words: Come, follow me.


Parish Office

The parish office is closed at the moment.  You can contact Fr. Declan on 01-8412647.

Parishioners are also invited to e-mail requests or queries to the Parish Office:  We are checking e-mails regularly and will respond as soon as possible.



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