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Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 30th June 2024

       Prayer for Summer     

This Summer, we pray

for a refreshment of mind and body,

for joy, love and safety.

We pray that we count

our many blessings,

and that we share our blessings with others.

We pray that we enjoy and relish every moment of sunshine and fun,

(and not forget we live in Ireland!)



Sacraments in our Parish



We are delighted to inform you that Bishop Tom has advised this week that Confirmation Ceremonies in our Parish will take place on Thursday, 27th February.

Sacramental Preparation talk for all parents will take place on Wednesday, 9th October.

  • Dates for First Communion Ceremonies will be advised in October.
  • Parents of children for Confirmation and First Communion will be invited to attend a Preparation night in early October. On that night you will receive a pack which will also include Registration Forms for the Ceremonies.

Please keep an eye on Parish Newsletter for more information about Ceremonies in our Parish.



Our Next Baptism Preparation meeting takes place in September.  If you would like to have your child Baptised, please contact our parish office.

Cemetery devotions

 Moorechurch Cemetery

Mass with blessing of Graves in Moorechurch Cemetery will take place next Sunday, 7th July at 11:30 am.

Please let all your family know, especially those not registered in our Parish.


  • The Moorechurch Cemetery committee remind all there is no dumping anywhere in the Cemetery, especially in the ditches. You are also requested to please bring your rubbish home to recycle.
  • Thanks to the generosity of local farmers, Car parking will be available in fields surrounding the Cemetery.
  • There will be no parking in the Cemetery and bollards will be placed between the two vehicular gates to ensure the safety of Pedestrians.
  • Gardai will also be on duty at the Whitecross junction after the mass to ensure smooth exit for all.


Kilsharvan Cemetery

Devotions in Kilsharvan Cemetery will take place on Friday, 12th July at 7pm.

Supporting our Parish

Total Offertory:                           €      785.00

Envelopes      Stamullen                €      225.00

Julianstown              €      225.00

Thank you for your continued support.



If you wish to support our Parish, please use the following Account details:

BIC: BOFIIE2D IBAN: IE85BOFI90354175356829

Please state your name in the reference.

Cheques can be made payable to

Stamullen Julianstown Parish


St. Mary’s Church

We would like to thank individuals who have donated this week and to those who have donated, and pledged to donate, towards the building and Maintenance projects in our Parish.  We are truly grateful for your generosity.  Please continue to consider donating.

Donations can be made in one instalment or several, at you own discretion, during the year.

(Please see yellow sheets beside the Newsletters for more information).

A marble plaque will be erected in the entrance hall acknowledging all who donate towards this project.  “Benefactors” will be inscribed on the plaque.  The plaque will ask all who read it to please pray for all benefactors and all the above named.

If a person or family donate €500 or more, they can place their family name, or the name of a deceased loved one on the plaque.

We are delighted to have completed this project and the other projects which have been undertaken during the year.


St. Patrick’s Church

We are very grateful to all who have sent and continue to send donations towards the projects in St. Patrick’s Church.

Without your support this important work could not happen.  Thank you most sincerely.


Irish Bishop’s Conference

Providing compassionate care at the end of life

To address the sensitive issue of compassionate care at the end of life, and in response to the need to inform the faithful of Catholic teaching on this important life issue that affects so many families, the Bishops of Ireland have published the pastoral letter: Freedom to Live Fully, Until Death Comes. You are invited to read this letter and view the accompanying video Through the Valley, which offers personal testimonies by carers and people with terminal illness. The key message of both letter and video asserts that every person possesses inherent, infinite dignity that remains intact regardless of their circumstances. In this context, bishops strongly oppose the Oireachtas Committee’s proposal to Government to legislate for assisted suicide and call on support for healthcare workers who uphold the sanctity of life.


To read Freedom to Live Fully, Until Death Comes  visit the following link


Mass Schedule


Saturday, 29th       St.  Mary’s          7 pm              DFM. Lappin & Devin Families  and Foncie & Micheline Greene


Sunday, 30th           St. Patrick’s      10 am          

AV.     Patrick Mooney    

AV.      Marie Begley


                                 St. Mary’s             11:30 am

People of the Parish


Tuesday              St. Patrick’s       10 am           SI.       GW

AV.      Paddy Flood (30th  Anniversary)                      

Wednesday         St. Mary’s          10 am           RD.     Arthur Hogan

Thursday            St. Patrick’s      10 am                       Celebrants’ Intention

 Friday                  St. Mary’s          10 am                       All on our Parish List of the Dead

St. Patrick’s      7:30 pm                   All on our Parish List of the Dead                         


Saturday, 6th        St.  Mary’s          7 pm

AV.     Thomas & Annie Reilly

AV.      Patrick O’Donnell

AV.      Emily, Christopher & Paddy Gough  and Patrick & Jane Connell

AV.      Owen Barry

AV.       Nano & Patsy Cole  and DFM Cole and Taaffe families


Sunday, 7th         St.  Patrick’s     10 am           AV.      James Dunphy & DFM Dunphy Family                                   

                                 St.  Mary’s          11:30 am                  Mass and Blessing of Graves in Moorechurch Cemetery

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