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Vigil Masses

We will return to two Vigil Masses next weekend, 2nd September.   Masses will take place at 5:45 pm in St. Patrick’s Church, Stamullen and 7pm in St. Marys Church, Julianstown.


We are delighted to have received very positive feedback regarding our Summer schedule over the past few weeks.


At Diocesan level discussions have been happening and due to the increasing workload, and reduction of priests, we expect in the near future to be advised that all parishes should reduce their Mass timetable.


In light of our Summer timetable, we know one Vigil Mass for our Parish works well.  We will await further guidance from the Diocese and will keep you informed.



Baptismal Preparation Team


Congratulations to the members of our new Parish Baptism Preparation Team who have completed their training over the summer and now begin this very important Ministry in our Parish.


Thank you to each one of you for your generosity in taking on this important evangelisation of parents in our parish.


Our first Parish Baptismal Preparation meeting will take place on Tuesday, 5th September.




If you would like to register your child/children for Baptism, please contact the Parish Office.


Going forward, all parents/guardians wishing to bring their Child for Baptism will be required to attend a Baptismal Preparation meeting.


Altar Servers

We are delighted to invite our young parishioners from fourth to sixth class to become Altar Servers and we hope parents/grandparents will encourage them to join this wonderful group of young people who will assist with the celebration of Mass.


Altar serving is a lovely way for children to express their active participation in both the faith and the life of our parish.


Parents/guardians of these children will be fully involved in signing in and out all aspects of Altar serving.  Also, our Parish Team will always adhere to Safeguarding guidelines in our Diocese.


Please chat to Fr. Brendan or contact Carol in the Parish office if you have any questions or would like to express an interest in becoming an Altar Server in our Parish.


First Friday Calls

First Friday calls will take place next Thursday, 31st August and Friday 1st September.

If you know anyone who is housebound and would appreciate receiving the Sacraments, please contact the parish office or Fr. Brendan.

Supporting our Parish

Total Offertory:                            €   650.00

Envelopes:            Stamullen        €   240.00

Julianstown      €   230.00


We are very grateful for your continued support.

If you wish to contribute to our Parish, please use the following Account details:


IBAN: IE85BOFI90354175356829  BIC: BOFIIE2D

Please state your name in the reference.  Thank you for our consideration.



CHY3 & 4 – Charity Tax Relief

You are probably aware of the Revenue (CHY) Charity Tax Back Scheme.  This Scheme is available to Charities who wish to claim back the tax on donations of any individual of over €250 to a Charity.


Donations from Parishioners are eligible for this scheme, and it means the Parish can claim 20% of the donation back.


Parishioners who use the Weekly envelopes or donate by Standing Order, where the total is over €250, will shortly receive a Claim form which will enable our Parish to apply for this tax back refund.


We will include CHY3 (Enduring Certificate) which covers application for refund of tax for five years and CHY4 (Annual Certificate).  You should chose whichever Certificate you are happy to complete, whether you wish to return a five year cert or complete one each year is entirely personal.


When you receive your Certificates, we would be very grateful if you could complete and sign your chosen Certificate and return it to the Parish Office.


You can return it by popping it into the Boxes provided in each Church or posting/dropping it into the Parish Office, Preston Hill, Stamullen.


If you have any questions/concerns regarding these Certificates, please do not hesitate to contact Carol in our Parish Office.


Thank you sincerely for your support of our Parish.  We have undertaken a number of refurbishment projects in our two Churches over the past two years and we have more projects ready to commence,  with your continued support.

A very sincere Thank You to all.



St. Patrick’s GFHC Lotto

Jackpot € 4,300 drawn on 21st  August.  Numbers drawn: 7, 18, 19,29.  No Winner.  No Match Three Winners. Next week’s Jackpot: €4,400.



Mass Schedules 


  Saturday, 26th           St. Mary’s          7:00 pm

AV.     Esther Tallon

AV.     Anthony (Tony) Jackson

AV.  Sheila Foley, Lee Burford, Tony McCullen

AV.    John & Helena Collins and Michael & Margaret Arnold

AV.    Grace Callaghan

Sunday, 27th           St. Patrick’s     10:00 am   

AV.     Josie, Ciaran, Catherine Cooke & Seán Caffrey

AV.      David Clarkin

AV.      Kathleen (Kitty) Murray

  St. Mary’s         11:30 am

DFM   Gerry & Frances Monahan, their children Catherine, Edward & Gerry Jnr and all DFM of the Monahan and McKeever families


Tuesday                  St. Patrick’s    10:00 am                 The Passion of St. John the Baptist

AV.           Betty Gill

Wednesday            St. Mary’s         10:00 am    RD.     Lisa Evans

Thursday                St. Patrick’s     10:00 am    RD.     Joe Murphy

Friday                    St. Mary’s         10:00 am                Our Parish List of the Dead


   Saturday, 2nd      St. Patrick’s      5:45 pm       

RD.     Mark Young

AV.      Robert (Bob) Rooney

  St. Mary’s          7:00 pm

Sunday, 3rd             St. Patrick’s      10:00 am  

AV.     Jarlath Folan and DFM Folan Family

   St. Mary’s          11:30 am


AV.     Thomas & Hannah Fitzpatrick

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