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Second Sunday in Lent

Collection for Ukraine

As we are all aware the conflict in Ukraine has caused much hardship, suffering and death in recent days. Many people have been asking their clergy what can be done.


The Diocese of Meath has an excellent relationship with the Diocese of Iasi (in Romania) and three priests from there are working in our Diocese.  Iasi is situated near the Ukrainian border and is currently struggling to cater for the thousands of Ukrainian refugees that are arriving there.


Bishop Tom has been in contact with Bishop Iosif Paulet, the Bishop of Iasi, and has offered him our support.  Bishop Iosif said assistance is badly needed, would be gratefully received and would help to alleviate the appalling conditions that the people who are fleeing the Ukraine, find themselves in.


This weekend in the Parish we are taking a collection after all Masses.  All donations received will be sent to our Diocesan office, it will be lodged and the entire amount will be transferred immediately to the Diocese of Iasi.  Cheques should be made payable to Diocese of Meath.  To re-iterate any such money would be spent, in its entirety, alleviating the suffering of the Ukrainian refugees in Romania.

In addition to the above, let us pray also for lasting peace and for the safety of those who find themselves in danger.


Towards the Universal Synod of 2023

The Diocese of Meath continues its synodal pathway this week.  All members of the Christian community are invited to take part in this synodal process which will take place at various locations around the Diocese on the Tuesdays of Lent.

The meetings are moments of spiritual discernment, where we listen to God’s Word, and to God’s Spirit who speaks through the Baptised, to discern what God is saying to the Church at this time.  As Bishop Deenihan stated in his Lenten message: “By asking us to reflect on our experience of communion, participation, and mission in the life of our Church at parish level, Pope Francis is calling each of us to play our part in bringing about a new springtime for our Church”.


People from the parishes in our area will meet in Mornington Church at 8pm on each Tuesday of Lent and you are welcome to come to whichever Tuesday night suits you:

  • Tuesday 15th March: All involved in the administration of parish life (parish staff, members of Parish Pastoral Councils, members of Parish Finance Committees, members of Baptism Teams, Safeguarding Representatives, counters, etc.)
  • Tuesday 22nd March: All involved in prayer and apostolic groups (Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Legion of Mary, Pioneer Association, Apostolate of Eucharistic Adoration, Teams of Our Lady, Meals-on-Wheels, etc.)
  • Tuesday 29th March: All involved in schools (pupils/students, teachers and school staff, members of parents’ association, members of BOMs, etc.)


See the Synod page on for an explainer video about this process.  See for more resources.  Completed Questionnaires can be returned to the Parish or email



Please pray the following prayer for the success of the Synodal process:

Adsumus Sancte Spiritus

We stand before You, Holy Spirit,

as we gather together in Your name.

With You alone to guide us,

make Yourself at home in our hearts;

Teach us the way we must go

and how we are to pursue it.

We are weak and sinful;

do not let us promote disorder.

Do not let ignorance lead us down the wrong path

nor partiality influence our actions.

Let us find in You our unity

so that we may journey together to eternal life

and not stray from the way of truth and what is right.

All this we ask of You,

who are at work in every place and time,

in the communion of the Father and the Son,

forever and ever.



Your prayers are requested for the repose of the souls of Mary Reid, Eamonn Reilly, Briarleas and Peggy O’Byrne (mother of Derek O’Byrne)


Please remember all bereaved in your prayers.


Supporting the Parish

Total Offertory:                            €   960.00

Envelopes:      Stamullen               €   435.00

Julianstown            €   320.00


Thank you for your continued support which is very much appreciated.



St. Patrick’s Day Mass & Cemetery Devotions Stamullen

Blessing of Graves in Stamullen Cemetery will take place on St. Patrick’s Day, 17th March after 10 am Mass.

It has been suggested that we review the time of the Stamullen mass and Blessing of Graves on St. Patrick’s Day.

Your comments regarding the present Mass time for the St. Patrick’s Day Mass and Cemetery devotions are welcome.

Please contact the Graveyard Committee, and the parish via e-mail, at to let us know your thoughts.


Parish Flower Society Annual Collections

The Stamullen and Julianstown Flower Societies will hold their Annual collection on the weekend of 19th and 20th March.

All donations are used to provide flowers our parish churches through the year.

Huge thanks to both our flower societies for the way they keep our sanctuaries so special.


First Holy Communion Preparations

First Confessions will take place at 7pm on Tuesday, 29th March and Wednesday, 30th March.  More information in future Newsletters.

St. Patricks GFHC Lotto

Jackpot: €1,900. Drawn on 8th March.  Numbers Drawn: 15, 27, 28,29. No Jackpot Winner. No Match 3 winners. Next Week’s Jackpot: €2,000.



Saturday, 12th
St. Patrick’s 6:00 pm AV. Mary McGuinness

St. Mary’s 7:00 pm AV. Monica, John & Michael Clarke
Sunday, 13th
St. Patrick’s 10:00 am AV. Fr. Michael V. Daly (1st Ann)
RD. Patrick Wall
AV. Tommy & Kathleen O’Connor
St. Mary’s 11:30 am MM. Leslie Eakin
AV. Ellie & Anthony Haran
AV. Tom Stack

Tuesday St. Patrick’s: 10:00 am Special Intention
Wednesday St. Mary’s: 10:00 am RD. Patrick Wall
AV. Oliver Collins
St. Patrick’s Day 10:00 am Feast of St. Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland
For all who are buried in Stamullen Cemetery
St. Patrick’s Day 11:30 am Feast of St. Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland
Friday St. Mary’s 10:00 am No Mass (Builders on site – roof being repaired after storm damage)

Saturday, 19th March
St. Patrick’s 6:00 pm AV. Josephine Dunphy & DFM Dunphy & Doran Families
AV. Michael Deegan
AV. Cora & James Boylan
AV. Anna & Peter Martin and DFM Martin family
AV. Richard, Kathleen & Peggy Rooney

St. Mary’s 7:00 pm AV. Imelda Clinton (nee Courtney)

Sunday, 20th
St. Patrick’s 10:00 am

St. Mary’s 11:30 am

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