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Sunday 11th October 2020

Fr. Declan Kelly P.P.
Preston Hill,


‘:  01-8412647


Twenty-eighth in Ordinary Time

Sunday, 11th October 2020


c/o Secretary: Carol

9:30-12:30 Monday-Friday

‘  01-8412647


Dear Parishioners,


As a result of Stage 3 restrictions we are prohibited from public masses until 27th October.


This is a great source of frustration, as the reality is that churches were and are safe due in no small way to the commitment of our parishioners in both churches who volunteered willingly to steward and sanitise, as well as the implementation of our protocols.


It is my understanding that the four Archbishops in Ireland have requested a meeting with the Taoiseach hopefully with a view to resume public worship as soon as possible.


If a change occurs this will be posted on our Website.  Currently however Sunday Mass will continue to be broadcast online on the YouTube channel.  (You can download the App, type Fr Declan Kelly Stamullen or Julianstown and the most recent Mass will appear).  Mass will be posted online on Sundays at 10 am and can be accessed from then on.


Also, current Stage 3 restrictions mean that funerals and weddings are reduced from 50 attendees to 25 in both cases.  Once again it is sad that people are deprived of this physical support in their days of sadness and of joy, but we must trust that it is for the greater good, that is the health and well-being of parishioners.


Julianstown church will be open on Sundays from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and Stamullen Church will be open on a daily basis.


Once again, I would like to thank parishioners for their understanding and support in these difficult times.  I urge you to keep in touch by means of our website for the up-to-date situation.  Our Newsletter will be published and will be available in both churches at the weekend.


Please stay in touch and stay safe. Until we meet again.

Fr. Declan

Sunday Mass

  • Mass is being celebrated every Sunday from Preston Hill at 11am on Youtube. If you wish to join me, you can download the YouTube App in the search box type Fr Declan Kelly Stamullen Julianstown and Like and subscribe.


  • You can also click the link at the bottom left corner of the parish webpage:


  • If you wish to book an anniversary Mass, please contact Fr. Declan on 01-8412647.


This Sunday, 11th October Mass will be offered for:

Mary & Pat Murphy, Stamullen Road, Gormanston


William & Anna Lyons


Next Sunday, 18th October Mass will be offered for:

Bernadette (Bernie) Jackson (3rd Ann)



Weekday Masses

  • Mass will be celebrated in private during the week for parishioners and their intentions.

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