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Sunday 25th October 2020

Fr. Declan Kelly P.P.
Preston Hill,Stamullen

‘:  01-8412647


Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, 25th October 2020


c/o Secretary: Carol

9:30-12:30 Monday-Friday

‘  01-8412647


Dear Parishioners,


For the next six weeks there will be no public masses.  Twenty-five people can attend a Funeral and twenty-five people can attend a wedding.  Currently there will be no Baptismal Ceremonies.


Sunday Mass is offered for the parishioners on YouTube.  You can download the App, type Fr Declan Kelly Stamullen or Julianstown in the search box at the top of the App (symbolized by a magnifying glass) click the name and the most recent Masses should come up.


You can also access Sunday Mass via the Parish website:  If you scroll down to the bottom of the Home page you will see the link in the corner.


Sunday Mass is broadcast on-line every Sunday from 10 am.


Julianstown church will be open on Sundays from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and Stamullen Church will be open, on a daily basis.


Once again, I would like to thank parishioners for their understanding and support in these difficult times.  I urge you to keep in touch by means of our website for the up-to-date situation.  Our Newsletter will be published every two weeks and will be available in both churches.  Please stay in touch and stay safe. Until we meet again.

Fr. Declan


We ask parishioners to pray for the soul of Michael (Mick) Martin whose funeral took place in Stamullen this week. We remember the bereaved in our prayers.


November List of the Dead

List of the Dead Envelopes, with sheets enclosed, are available in both Churches.  They are also available in the yearly envelope box.

** We would ask you to hold on to your envelopes for the time being (until the church re-opens).


Sunday Mass

  • If you wish to book an anniversary Mass, please contact Fr. Declan on 01-8412647.


This Sunday, 24th October Mass will be offered for:

Robert White (1st Ann)

Joe Collier (5th Ann) and deceased members of the Collier family, Balloy

Jess Despard


Next Sunday, 1st November Mass will be offered for:

John, Alice, Kay & Sean McCann

Johnny Kiely


Sunday 8th November Mass will be offered for:

Kathleen Gilligan

Phyllis Mullen

Christine Larkin

Weekday Masses

  • Mass will be celebrated in private during the week for parishioners and their intentions.


The Newsletter can be found on the Parish Website (

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