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Sunday, 19th July 2020

St. Patrick’s Church, Stamullen


Saturday, 18th              6:00 pm                  Celebrant’s Intention

Sunday, 19th                          10:00 am                People of the Parish

Tuesday                                10:00 am                Celebrant’s Intention

Thursday                              10:00 am                Celebrant’s Intention

Saturday, 25th              6:00 pm                  Celebrant’s Intention

Sunday, 26th                          10:00 am                 Celebrant’s Intention

On Tuesday and Thursday Mass will take place in St. Patrick’s main church at 10 am

Saturday, 1st August     6:00 pm                  Bernard, Elizabeth & Richard Mullen

Sunday, 2nd                                     10:00 am


St. Mary’s Church, Julianstown


Saturday, 18th                        7:00 pm                  Celebrant’s Intention

Sunday, 19th                          11:30 am                Declan Moore

Wednesday                                     10:00 am                St. Mary Magdelene

Friday                                             10:00 am                 Prayer for persecuted Christians

Saturday, 25th                        7:00 pm                  Celebrant’s Intention

Sunday, 26th                          11:30 am                Freddie Tiernan

On Wednesday and Friday, Mass will take place in St. Mary’s main Church at 10 am

Saturday, 1st August     7:00 pm                  Eamon & Joseph Delany

James Murray

Sunday, 2nd                                     11:30 am


The Parish Office will re-open on Tuesday, 4th August at 9:30 am.


  • Mass is being celebrated every Sunday at 11am on Youtube. If you wish to join me, you can Like and subscribe to: PvkOw.

You can also click the link at the bottom left corner of the parish webpage:


Sunday Masses

Sunday masses will take place in the Churches at the usual times.

Mass will continue to be broadcast on YouTube for those who are unable to attend


Sunday, 26th July – Mass will be broadcast on YouTube for Kitty Murray and the deceased members of the Murray and McCormack Family


Sunday, 22nd August – Mass will be broadcast on YouTube for all buried in St. Patrick’s cemetery, Stamullen.  At that Mass, water will be blessed and will be distributed in he Cemetery at a later date.



Your prayers are requested for the repose of the souls of Declan Sharpe and Oliver McNulty whose funerals took place in Stamullen during the week.  We remember the bereaved in our Prayers.


Mass Intentions

  • In order to maintain social distancing, we can only accept one Mass Intention for Mass in the Churches, at the moment. (This will have to be on a first come basis).


  • We will also accept Intentions separately for the Mass to be broadcast on YouTube.


First Friday calls

We hope to resume first Friday calls in September subject to Government guidelines.


Parish (Ten!) Week Draw

The parish Draw will resume soon.


Note On Return to Church

We reopened for public Saturday Vigil and Sunday morning Masses for the first time since mid-March.  We thank all those who attended for their co-operation with the stewards and also their patience in coming to terms with the new systems in place in both churches.


It was also very encouraging to see that the vast majority of those attending wore face coverings.  We must remember that when we wear masks or coverings it is a sign of solidarity with front line workers and all those at the coal face of this epidemic.  Wearing a mask also has a practical purpose in that we are not transmitting air droplets to others and is another step in minimizing the spread of Covid 19.  While we realise that masks are uncomfortable, by wearing a covering we are expressing our Christianity in putting others first who may be more vulnerable to the effects of the virus.  Also, the wearing of masks may encourage others to return to church more quickly if there is a perception that as many safety procedures as possible are in place.  Wearing a face covering is such a procedure, along with regular sanitization of hands and attempts to maintain physical distancing.    Ultimately, we wait for medicine and a vaccine, but in the interim if we all continue to act responsibly, we will safeguard parishioners’ health and lives.

Fr. Declan


Recap on Guidelines for Returning for Masses in Stamullen & Julianstown



In Julianstown – please enter by the front door only (road side).

In Stamullen – please enter through the doors at the car park side only.



Parishioners are asked to follow the direction of the stewards and to physically distance from each other in the seats.  Markers are on the seats to help achieve this goal of sitting approximately two meters apart.

In Stamullen this approximates to two people per seat and in Julianstown three per seat.  However, those living under the same roof, such as a family unit, can sit together.  For the moment people may not be able to sit in their usual or preferred places.  We ask for your patience and understanding in this regard.

In the interest of safety and insofar as possible, people are asked to remain in their seats for the duration of Mass, apart from Communion.



Collections will not be taken up at the Offertory.  Instead parishioners may place their envelopes and plate offerings in the boxes provided as they leave the Church.



In Julianstown, those who wish to receive Communion are invited to come up the middle aisle only and return by the side aisles.

In Stamullen, parishioners on the wings of the Church will be invited to receive Communion first followed by the main aisles.

In both Churches parishioners are requested to stay in their seats until invited to come forward.  If an overflow occurs in either Church, Communion will be distributed outside.  Communion is taken in the hand only.



In Stamullen, exits are by the main (front) door and the door on the right-hand side of the Altar (St. Patrick’s Statue).

In Julianstown, exits are through the back door on the car park side and the emergency door at the Altar will also be in use.

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