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Sunday 1st January 2023

Dear Parishioners

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your families every blessing for the New Year.

May I also take this opportunity to thank everyone in our parish who works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our churches and liturgies are special. We are so blessed to have such dedicated groups, may you be rewarded you for your generosity to your fellow parishioners in serving God.

We also welcome and thank our new Parish Assembly and Finance Committee who have already begun their work which you will hear a lot more about this year.

May God bless us all as we continue on our journey in 2023.
The Team in Preston Hill

St. Mary’s Church windows are being replaced!

The 36.5 metres of ground floor windows in St. Marys church are beyond repair! Please take a moment to walk around the outside of the church and have a look for yourself.
We are delighted to announce replacement oak windows have been ordered and will be fitted in February 2023, at a cost of € 19,000. This works out at about € 520 per metre. Parishioners, and supporters of the parish community, are invited to sponsor a metre or multiple metres or alternatively donate towards the cost of these windows. All donations, whether big or small, from you or your family, (or you might approach the company you work for) will be gratefully accepted.
We also plan to repair/replace the high window on the right of the church organ (it too is leaking and the timbers around it are rotting). We are awaiting proposals and tenders from the joiners we have contacted. It is our intention to carry out this work in 2023 as well.

St. Patrick’s Church
The new boiler in St. Patrick’s Church has been installed at a cost of € 9,136. With your support the Gutters, which are missing at the back of the Church on one side, will hopefully be replaced this year. There is also storm glazing needed on the main windows in the body of the Church, to stop the ingress of water, which you can see in the plaster on the inside. These are some of the projects that the Finance Committee are looking at.

Parish Finance Committee
The Parish Finance Committee are meeting on Wednesday, 4th January to progress these projects in both churches.

These proposed works, some of which we are committed to, and some have already been carried out, are all made possible by your support of the Parish. Thank you.

If you wish to contribute to these works, or the upkeep of our parish by bank transfer,
our account details are:
IBAN: IE85 BOFI 9035 4175 3568 29. BIC: BOFIIE2D
Please state your name in the Reference for the Transfer.

Parish Office
The Parish Office re-opens on Wednesday, 4th January at 10 am.

Saturday, 31st St. Patrick’s 5:45 pm AV. Patrick (Patsy) Clarkin
AV. Mary Carey
St. Mary’s 7:00 pm AV. Eileen & Nicky Domigan
AV. Pat Duffy

Sunday, 1st St. Patrick’s 10:00 am AV. People of the Parish
St. Mary’s 11:30 am AV. Margaret Darby
AV. Teresa & Edward Calvey

Tuesday St. Patrick’s 10:00 am AV. Celebrant’s Intentions
Wednesday St. Mary’s 10:00 am AV. Celebrant’s Intentions
Thursday St. Patrick’s 10:00 am BR. Helen Murphy
Friday St. Mary’s 10:00 am List of the Dead

Saturday, 7th St. Patrick’s 5:45 pm
St. Mary’s 7:00 pm AV. Ollie & Vincent Branigan
AV. Philomena Haran
RD. Ann Uzelle

Sunday, 8th St. Patrick’s 10:00 am AV.
St. Mary’s 11:30 am AV. Leslie Eakin (1st Ann)
AV. Mary Murphy
AV. Margaret & George Balfe

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