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The Baptism of the Lord 8th January 2023

St. Mary’s Church – Windows
Work on St. Mary’s Church windows will commence soon.

Replacement oak windows will be fitted in February 2023, at a cost of € 19,000. This works out at about € 520 per metre.
Parishioners, and supporters of the parish community, are invited to sponsor a metre, multiple metres or alternatively donate towards the cost of these windows. All donations, whether big or small, from you or your family will be gratefully accepted.

If you wish to contribute to this Window Project, please use the following Account details: IBAN: IE85 BOFI 9035 4175 3568 29. BIC: BOFIIE2D
Please state your name and mention Windows Project in the Reference.
Cheques: For accurate lodgement purposes, as per bank instructions, please ensure any cheques are made payable to Stamullen Julianstown Parish. Your support is very much appreciated.

Parish Finance Committee
The Parish Finance Committee meeting had to be postponed this week and will now take place on Wednesday, 1st February.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the souls of Mary McNiff, sister of Bridie Kirwan, Noreen Keane and Tom Octigan whose funerals took place recently.
Please remember all bereaved in your prayers

Parish Office
Our Parish Office is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12 pm.

Supporting the Parish
Total Offertory: € 655.00
Envelopes: Stamullen € 410.00
Julianstown € 340.00
Thank you for your continued support which is very much appreciated.

Parish Weekly Envelopes
If you would like to receive a box of envelopes, please contact Carol at the parish office.
Some find it more convenient to contribute via Standing Orders or Direct Debit. Please consider setting up standing orders for your weekly contribution.

Cheques: For accurate lodgement purposes, as per bank instructions, please ensure any cheques are made payable to Stamullen Julianstown Parish.
Your support is very much appreciated.

Preparations for our Parish Confirmation Ceremonies will continue soon.
Ceremonies will take place on Monday, 27th February 2023.
(We ae waiting for information regarding times of Ceremonies from the Bishops Office).

Mass Bouquets
Mass & Bouquet Cards are available if you wish to get a mass in our parish.

These cards are available in each of our Churches and the Parochial House/Parish Office.

We also have a selection of Mass Cards for Birthdays and Weddings available in the Parish Office.

Wedding Preparations
If you are planning a Wedding, we would like to advise you of the procedures involved:
 Contact the Parish office to advise of your intention to marry, to make sure the Church is available for your preferred date. Naturally, the earlier you do this the better.
At that time, we will advise on the next steps.
 For couples who are getting married you need to meet the priest of the parish you are residing in for the past six months, to complete all the necessary paperwork (Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form) which is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom.

Please note that this must be done at least three months before the wedding.
Contact our Parish office for more information

Stamullen Bowls
New members are invited to join this very successful, long-established Club. The Club have entered and won many competitions in Meath Leagues and would be delighted to welcome new members.
We meet every Thursday, from 8-10 pm in St. Patrick’s GAA center. Please contact Rose on 01-8412086.

Saturday, 7th St. Patrick’s 5:45 pm Celebrant’s Intention
St. Mary’s 7:00 pm AV. Ollie & Vincent Branigan
AV. Philomena Haran
RD. Ann Uzelle

Sunday, 8th St. Patrick’s 10:00 am AV. People of the Parish
St. Mary’s 11:30 am AV. Leslie Eakin (1st Ann)
AV. Mary Murphy
AV. Margaret & George Balfe

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