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Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary Time 5th November 2023

Parish Office


Our Parish Office will be open on Monday, 6th November at 10 am.  Office hours are Monday to Friday 10 am to 12 pm.


List of the Dead

List of the Dead envelopes are available beside the newsletters. They are also available in your yearly box of envelopes.

All who are named on the Parish List of the Dead will be remembered at all Masses in November and the two masses every First Friday.

Please be sure to submit your list before the end of November. You can leave envelopes in the box provided in both churches.  For security please leave envelopes during Mass times only.  You can also drop them into the Parish Office.


November Memorial Mass

Our Annual Parish Memorial Mass will take place at Vigil Masses on Saturday, 25th November.

Families who lost loved ones whose funerals took place in our Parish during the year will be remembered at these Masses.  All are very welcome to attend.


40 Hours Adoration

Bishop Tom has invited all to make a Eucharistic pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Christ the King.  Opening Mass Friday, 24th November at 7:30 pm, Solemn Vespers and Benediction at 4pm on Sunday, 26th November and Confessions from 12pm until midnight on Saturday, 25th November.  (Please see poster in both churches).


First Friday Mass times


In addition to our First Friday Mass at 10am in St. Mary’s church, we will have a 7.30 pm Mass in St. Patrick’s Church.

We will trial this for three months to see how it goes. This mass will be offered, like the 10 am, for all our loved ones whose names we have placed on our parish list of the dead.



Supporting our Parish

Total Offertory:                           €      715.00

Envelopes:              Stamullen      €      380.00

Julianstown    €      370.00

We are sincerely grateful for your continued support.



If you wish to contribute to our Parish, please use the following Account details: BIC:  BOFIIE2D


Please state your name in the reference.

Thank you for our consideration.



CHY3 & 4 – Charity Tax Relief


Sincere thanks to all who have returned their signed CHY forms.  We are very grateful for your support.

When you receive your Certificates, we would be very grateful if you could complete and sign your chosen Certificate (Enduring CHY3 which is for 5 years or Annual CHY4) and return it to the Parish Office.  Boxes will also be provided in both Churches for return of CHY forms.  Thank you most sincerely for your support which is very much appreciated.

Sacraments in our Parish



First Communion and Confirmation


Confirmation Enrolment Ceremonies will take place at Vigil Masses on Saturday, 18th November. First Communion Enrolment Ceremonies will take place at Vigil Mases on Saturday, 2nd December.


Enrolment Forms will be collected at these Ceremonies. (If you haven’t received an Enrolment Form, please call to the Parish Office or chat to Fr. Brendan after any Mass).


Due to high numbers of candidates, tickets will need to be issued for the Ceremonies.  How many tickets can be allocated to each child will depend on how many enrol for the Sacraments.


It was also decided that children and their families will be invited to join their fellow parishioners at Masses during Advent.  Each child will be given an ‘Advent Passport’ which will be stamped at every Mass they attend.  Children who complete the Passport will receive a prize.


Directives from the Diocese of Meath

for Celebration of Funeral & Wedding Masses

In our Parish, in accordance with Diocesan guidelines, Eulogies are not part of the Funeral Mass; an option for a eulogy to take place is in the Funeral Home or in the Cemetery, after the burial.


In celebrations of the Eucharist, Readings at the Mass must be taken from the Bible (Lectionary).

Our church is a Sacred space with the Blessed Sacrament and sacred Music/Hymns only are permitted during the celebration of the Eucharist, be it at a Funeral or Wedding Mass.


Weekday masses on the day of a Funeral

  • Funerals in our Parish normally take place at 11 am.


  • When a Funeral Mass takes place in St. Patrick’s Church (on Tuesday or Thursday), it will replace the 10 am Mass on that day. When a Funeral Mass takes place in St. Mary’s Church (on a Wednesday or Friday), it will replace the 10 am Mass on that day.


  • When the 10 am Mass is in the second church in the parish on the day of a funeral, that Mass will become a Eucharistic Service.

This will enable Fr. Brendan to attend the house and say prayers with the Family.


  • Any mass intention/s from the postponed morning Mass will automatically be offered the following week.




St. Patrick’s GFHC Lotto

Jackpot € 1,000 drawn on 31st October.  Numbers drawn: 5, 9, 23, 24. No Winner.  No Match Three Winner.  Next week’s Jackpot:  €1,100.  Thanks to all our Supporters.


Pioneer Pledge for the month of the Holy Souls

A short-term pledge gives spiritual support and encouragement to people and their families who are living under a shadow of addiction.

Further information from the Pioneers on 01-805 4226 or via


Mass Schedules 


Saturday, 4th           St. Patrick’s             5:45 pm

AV.     Maura & Jim Branigan

AV.       Johnny Kiely

St. Mary’s                  7:00 pm

Celebrants Intentions


Sunday, 5th            St. Patrick’s              10:00 am       

MM.    Maureen Tallon

AV.    Jack & Sean McDermott

AV.    Niall O’Brien

AV.    Rose & John Collier (Silverstream) and DFM Collier family

                               St. Mary’s                 11:30 am

People of the Parish

Tuesday           St. Patrick’s           10:00 am         RD.     John Sherwood

Wednesday     St. Mary’s                10:00 am         RD.     Fergus Monaghan

Thursday         St. Patrick’s           10:00 am         AV.     Louis & Eileen Courtney and DFM Courtney Family  

Friday              St. Mary’s                10:00 am         RD.     Pat Hoey

 Saturday, 11th       St. Patrick’s                 5:45 pm          

AV.     Michael Gallagher

AV.      Winnie & Seamus McKiernan

   St. Mary’s                 7:00 pm

Sunday, 12th          St. Patrick’s             10:00 am                    

St. Mary’s                11:30 am

AV.     Arthur O’Loan (1st Anniversary)

AV.    John McNulty

AV.    Mary Behan, Mamie Monaghan and Micky Murphy

AV.   Jim Boylan and DFM Brady Family

AV.    Phyllis Mullen

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