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Sunday, 28th June 2020

Fr. Declan Kelly P.P.
Preston Hill,


‘:  01-8412647


Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, 28th June 2020


c/o Secretary: Carol

9:30-12:30 Monday-Friday

‘  01-8412647


Sunday Mass

  • Mass is being celebrated every Sunday from Preston Hill at 11am on Youtube. If you wish to join me, you can Like and subscribe to: PvkOw.

You can also click the link at the bottom left corner of the parish webpage:

  • If you wish to have book an anniversary Mass please contact 01-8412647.



This Sunday, 28th June Mass will be offered for:

Deceased members of the Lappin family and extended Family members

Deceased members of the Connolly family and Anne Merlehan

Paddy & Bridgid Flood and Alice & Billy Harding

John (Jack) Rothwell (1st Anniversary)

Richard, Sarah and Dermot Roe

Moorechurch & Kilsharvan Cemeteries

Cemetery Sunday is due to take place in Moorechurch Cemetery on Sunday, 5th July.

In compliance with Government guidelines regarding mass gatherings, and on the instructions of Bishop Tom, regretfully our annual Mass is cancelled.  Blessing of Graves in Kilsharvan Cemetery is also cancelled.


Next Sunday, I will offer Mass on Youtube for all those buried in both Moorechurch and Kilsharvan Cemeteries and for the bereaved.


At that Mass water will be blessed, and the cemeteries will be blessed for use in the Cemetery.


Mass will be offered, at a later date, for the deceased in St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Stamullen.



Returning to public worship in time of Cofid-19 in Julianstown and Stamullen Churches


Daily Masses will resume on Tuesday, 30th June in Stamullen at 10 am and, following the normal schedule, on Wednesday, 1st July at 10 am in Julianstown.  Daily masses will be celebrated in the main Churches, and not the day chapels, in order to maintain social distancing.


Sunday Masses

Sunday masses will resume on 11th and 12th July at the usual times.


At the moment, space is limited in both churches to 50 because of personal distancing requirements.  We ask people to arrive early and to avoid congestion at doors.  Stewards will direct people towards new sitting arrangements.  Parishioners may not be able to sit in their usual places and we ask you to co-operate with the stewards in this regard.  Remember the stewards who are volunteering are acting in the interest of your health and safety.







  • Hand sanitizers will be provided at the entrance to churches. However, we recommend that parishioners bring their own hand sanitisers as well.  We also ask parishioners to observe high standards of cough etiquette.


  • For the time being, there will be no collection during Masses. As people depart, they are asked to deposit their donation in collection boxes at the exit doors.


  • People who are vulnerable or unwell or feel uncomfortable about public gatherings, should stay at home. The YouTube Mass will continue for the time being.


  • Churches will be sanitized after every mass.


  • Toilets will be closed for the time being.


  • In order to maintain social distancing, all daily Masses will be celebrated in the main bodies of both churches.


  • While we will try to maintain social distancing, we cannot guarantee it, so it is recommended that all parishioners wear face coverings for the duration of the Mass.


  • A demister has been bought from a medical supply company and this will be used to disinfect both churches after every Mass. Medical Suppliers advise that no wiping down of the Church is necessary when the disinfectant fogger is used.


  • Please be aware that the capacity of both churches will be restricted because of the requirements of social distancing.


Thank you for your support and help with implementing these guidelines.  We look forward to welcoming you back.


We welcome volunteers to act as stewards to direct the congregation in regard to the new guidelines. This would be important for the first few weeks until everyone is familiar with the new directives.  We also welcome volunteers to help with sanitising the Church after Masses. Please contact us at 01-8412647 or by e-mail



Dates for First Holy Communion

First Communion Ceremonies for children from Whitecross NS will take place on Saturday, 5th September and St. Patrick’s NS on Saturday, 12th September and.  These Ceremonies are entirely dependent on Government and HSE guidelines at the time.  Further details in future newsletters.



Thanks to all who continue to drop weekly envelopes to the church/parochial house or into the candle shrines in both churches and by standing order and/or bank transfer.  Your support is very much appreciated.

If you wish to contribute to the church by bank transfer, you can e-mail your request to the Parish at and we will contact you.




The Sunday Newsletter can be found on the Parish Website (


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